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Register & Lock in Transfer

1) Create an account with NOVAFX in minutes. Depending on which currency you require, we will determine the best exchange rate for your conversion. Once you accept our offer, we will ask for settlement details and tell you what the Canadian equivalent will be to transfer to NOVAFX.

Send NOVAFX your Funds

2) Send payments using local payment methods in multiple major currencies. For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods.

Transfer Funds to Recipient

3) Send payments across the globe to over 200 countries in 140+ currencies. Whether you need to pay a partner, overseas team, supplier, or family member, we have options tailored to your specific needs.

Increase Your International Sales With Local Payment Gateways


Getting paid by overseas customers

Send invoices directly to your international customers through NOVAFX and we will collect payments in their local currency and convert the funds at your choice of time.


Multi Currency Accounts

Get your own bank accounts in over 21 currencies, with unique account numbers and IBANs, to conduct international business as if you were a local.


Dedicated Specialist

Our market professionals will help you manage your overseas payments, conversions, and market orders, as well as streamline your overseas transactions.

Give Us Your Rate And Leave The Monitoring To Us.

We'll Either Call You Or Send You An Email When Your Market Order Has Been Filled.

Currency Charts

Browse our currency analysis charts to see how your currency has performed.

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