Foreign Exchange Risk Management Strategies

Protect yourself and your profits

Having a foreign exchange risk management plan is essential if your business operates internationally. Your risk can be minimized by partnering with a foreign exchange provider who understands your exposure.

The strategy you choose for managing foreign exchange risk could mean the difference between profitability and loss

Your business may be subject to currency fluctuations throughout the year or even on a single day if you have signed contracts for payments or receipts in foreign currencies. (Remember, the pound sterling (GBP) dropped 10% in one day after the 2016 Brexit vote.)

NOVAFX understands the importance of maintaining a predictable cash flow while being able to take advantage of advantageous currency movements. Our wide range of products allows you to select the level of exposure that’s right for your business

NOVAFX Risk Management Solutions:

  • You can lock in your exchange rate for up to a year with our Forward Contract, protecting your business from sudden changes in the market. By delivering reliable exchange rates, you may be able to prevent your business from being adversely affected by currency fluctuations.
  • We offer limit orders to clients who are flexible regarding when they receive their funds so they can transfer their money at the most convenient rate & time. Use a Limit Order to set a rate that works for your business. Our system transfers your funds automatically when the rate is right, so you never have to worry about missing out on these earnings.

You can make the best investment for your business without spending any money up front

Registering with NOVAFX is free, and you'll get a dedicated account executive when you do. Call us today to speak to a NOVAFX team member about developing a risk management plan for foreign exchange that suits your specific needs. Let us help you manage your risk so you can focus on growing your business.

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