Bring More Global Solutions For Your E-Commerce When Selling Overseas

See how NOVAFX uses Fintech and our relationships with global networks to help you save on every international payment or receivable

Collection accounts

Your business should have a unique account number and international bank account

Enter the details of your USD, GBP & EUR, CHF & 16 other currency accounts with your online marketplace & start collecting funds.

Improve your margins

Save over 3% from Amazon

Use our corporate level pricing model to mitigate foreign exchange losses & save on your conversions

Transfers simplified

Multi-currency accounts

Local collection accounts are available in over 25 countries via our highly secure global network. Our local accounts can help you with your business and speed up payments from your suppliers while avoiding any hidden intermediary fees. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to see what accounts are available.

Gain Access To Local Accounts Around The World

All From One Place


Discover what we can offer you

  • Your own Local account

    View and manage all of your currency accounts in a single place, regardless of where your product is selling.

  • Superior Exchange Rates

    Make substantial savings on exchange rates and fees by using NOVAFX

  • No NOVAFX Fees

    Funds transferred within 1 day of receipt of funds to NOVAFX.

  • Fast Approval

    Eliminate all unnecessary fees incurred with accounts, exchanges and transfers

  • 24- Hour Support

    Use existing balances to pay your vendors, suppliers or taxes directly from your account.

  • Real-time reporting and transaction status tracking.

    Around the clock phone service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International business made simple with NOVAFX


Cost effective

We know you like to pay your suppliers on time, and we know your suppliers like to receive payments on time; NOVAFX offers expedited wire transfer that is secure through our global networks.



Automate your payments to overseas staff with the ability to pay up to 500 employees with one click, superior exchange rates and 24/7 customer support.



As an international business, we know how important it is to ensure your cash flow is not affected by the volatility of the FX markets. A risk management plan is created with a variety of transfer choices, including Forward Contracts and Limit Orders.

Give Us Your Rate And Leave The Monitoring To Us.

We'll Either Call You Or Send You An Email When Your Market Order Has Been Filled.

Currency Charts

Browse our currency analysis charts to see how your currency has performed.

Using your chosen base currency, build current and historic rate tables.

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