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Create an account with NOVAFX in minutes.

Depending on which currency you require, we will determine the best exchange rate for your conversion. Once you accept our offer, we will ask for settlement details and tell you what the Canadian equivalent will be to transfer to NOVAFX.

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Send payments using local payment methods in multiple major currencies. For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods.

Transfer Funds to Recipient

Send payments across the globe to over 200 countries in 140+ currencies. Whether you need to pay a partner, overseas team, supplier, or family member, we have options tailored to your specific needs.

The NOVAFX advantage

Learn why businesses across Canada use NOVAFX for international payments, and how you can build your business globally by accepting payments from around the world.



Send and receive your funds on time with NOVAFX. With our global banking partnerships, we can offer same-day transfers and make use of local payment methods to ensure your funds arrive in a timely fashion.


Easy Access

Using cutting edge technology, you can complete currency exchange transactions online, make payments to suppliers, vendors, partners & overseas employees.


Dedicated Specialist

We understand the value of your time. Make the most of a dedicated specialist guiding you in your foreign exchange and international payments.

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We'll Either Call You Or Send You An Email When Your Market Order Has Been Filled.

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Browse our currency analysis charts to see how your currency has performed.

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