Make Saving Money Automatic

Expect low fees, low exchange rates and transfer options for every type of business.

Our Team Of Professionals Can Help You

Manage Your International Transfer, Mitigate Risk And Offer A Bespoke Service Tailored Directly To Your Needs.


Spot Trades

Pay your international supplier, business partner, overseas employees & vendors today at the best available exchange rate.


Forward Contract

The exchange rate can be fixed for up to a year, which will enable you to forecast effectively and manage the cash flow of your business.


Market Orders

Market orders are an excellent means of ensuring your goods and services are priced at the best possible rate. Allow our technology to do the work for you.

Global connections to help your business grow


Paying suppliers abroad

As a business owner, you want to pay your suppliers on time, and your suppliers want to receive payments on time; NOVAFX offers you a secure, expedited wire transfer through our global network.

Paying overseas employees

Automate your payments to overseas staff with the ability to pay up to 500 employees with one click, superior exchange rates and 24/7 customer support.

FX volatility mitigation

We know how important it is for you to ensure that the volatility of FX markets does not affect your cash flow. With NOVAFX, we analyze your exposure to foreign currencies and implement strategies, such as forward contracts and limit orders, to reduce your risk.

Increase your international sales with local payment gateways


Getting paid by overseas customers

Send invoices directly to your international customers through NOVAFX and we will collect payments in their local currency and convert the funds at your choice of time.


Multi Currency Accounts

Get your own bank accounts in over 21 currencies, with unique account numbers and IBANs, to conduct international business as if you were a local.


Dedicated Specialist

Our market professionals will help you manage your overseas payments, conversions, and market orders, as well as streamline your overseas transactions.

Give Us Your Rate And Leave The Monitoring To Us.

We'll Either Call You Or Send You An Email When Your Market Order Has Been Filled.

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Browse our currency analysis charts to see how your currency has performed.

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