Don't change the way you do business. Change the way you get paid.

NOVAFX Global Currency Account

With a Multi-currency account, you can pay and receive payments in the currency you work in when dealing with international customers.


Local Currency Account

Receive money from all around the world. Link your Multi Currency account with NOVAFX to manage & receive payments from over 55 currencies.


Get Paid Like A Local

With local banking details, invoice like a local. Your multi-currency account will allow you to receive and manage foreign currency payments.


Make Payments

Easily access 140 currencies from one place. With our simple payment solutions, you can manage your payments easily and convert your money instantly when the rate is right.


Bank Beating Rates

Sending money with NOVAFX is on average 5X cheaper than sending money with your Canadian banks. We eliminate transfer fees and offer 24/7 customer service tailored to your personal and business needs. With our tier structure, you pay a lower fee with every transfer over $50,000 CAD.


Automate Payments

With our secure recurring payments system, you can automate payments. Whenever a payment is delivered, you will receive an instant notification.


Dedicated Specialist

Personal touch is important to us, we don't like to be complicated. Your account will be personally managed by our dedicated account executive.

Accept Local Payments In Multiple Currencies

We'll provide you with local accounts for each currency you will accept payments in once you are set up.

AUD - Australian dollar
HKD - Hong Kong dollar
NOK - Norwegian krone
CHF - Swiss franc
CNH - Chinese yuan
CAD - Canadian dollar
PLN - Polish złoty
AED - UAE dirham
CZK - Czech koruna
HUF - Hungarian forint
RON - Romanian leu
GBP - British pound
DKK - Danish krone
KZT - Kazakhstani tenge
RUB - Russian ruble
EUR - Euro
KES - Kenyan shilling
SEK - Swedish krona

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March 29, 2023 06:57 UTC
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